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EmpowermenMD's Ancestral Reset Program

Treat yourself to the healthy, happy, vibrant life you deserve.  Reverse chronic disease, reduce pharmaceutical medications, and - as a happy bonus - lose the unwanted weight. Live Healthier Longer with us!!!

What you'll get:

  • 144 Delicious meals
  • Hand-picked supplements
  • 12-weeks of one-day guided fasts

All of this DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR. Plus weekly learning modules, and weekly Zoom calls for Q&A, community, and accountability.

What People Are Saying:

Has it been 12 weeks already? This outstanding program helped me get back on track... Let's discuss the WINS! 1. Intermittent fasting is not as difficult as I thought. 2. In the first few weeks, I noticed a drastic change in my skin. I no longer have red cheeks and deep "angry" acne-like bumps that would not go away. It is so nice not to be self-conscious of my skin. 3. During this time, I did not have an SLE flare-up. My joint pain is reduced. No sores in my mouth, and my hair stopped falling out. 4. I discussed what I was doing with my GP, and we developed a plan to SUCCESSFULLY get off the prescribed medication. 5. I increased my daily exercise and just recently incorporated yoga (which I haven't done in over 20 years) 5. I thought I read food labels, but now I understand food labels and the hidden poisons in our food system. The dangers of wheat, sugar, and milk. 6. Removed all plastics in the kitchen and replaced them with glass. 7. Tried new spices when cooking. I got rid of all my old EXPIRED ones. 8. Attended social activities successfully (except one)!!! LOL, and I paid the price. Discussed this with Dr. Floyd and others during our weekly meetings. Dr. Floyd -- thank you for your commitment and guidance during this process. The weekly modules and the zoom meetings were helpful because they kept me on track.

Tammy P

Oh, my last Dr. visit was Friday and he was elated at my progress I’m no longer considered diabetic and I keep on getting in shape he wants to stop the blood pressure meds Thank you for helping me see straight

Mike P